What Our Clients Say

We could spend a lot of time telling you all about our training and all the families we’ve impacted, but we really don’t need to!  We’d prefer to let our clients do the talking!  We are proud of the difference we’ve made in the lives of both people and the dogs they love!

Shirley Rose Glisson

Karlene is clearly a superior dog trainer, but her greatest strength may be in teaching the humans how to get the best from their dogs.

Stacy Marie

Karlene has helped me work with my dogs on numerous issues ranging from puppy class to behavioral issues. I have taken puppy classes, adult obedience and one on one work. I was extremely thankful for her knowledge and patience. I highly recommend her.

Brandy Anderson

From basic obedience to serious behavioral issues, Karlene is the lady to go to for all of your dog training needs. I have known Karlene for many years and she has been a valuable resource to me and my crew. Positive training methods, effective and easy to implement techniques at this training facility. Wouldn’t trust our dogs to anyone else.

Betsy Logan

Karlene did an excellent job training me and my rescue dog Zoey! I constantly get comments on how well behaved Zoey is and how well she follows my commands. She is the Lee county dog whisperer, she has a way with dogs that I have never seen before. Our Zoey loves her and so do we!

Molly McDonald

Karlene was so great with my mini dachshund. She was so tuned in to my pup’s behavior and stature that she was the first professional to notice my pup had a back issue. Karlene cares so much about the dog’s well-being and I am so grateful for my pup’s time spent with her.

Ashley Ward

We have had a few training sessions with Karlene (with more to come) and she has helped us establish a way to communicate with our puppy. This has made all the difference in obedience and training, and we’re off to a great start. Training with Karlene was the best decision we made after bringing a new family member home.

Anitra Holly

I have seen amazing results, time after time, with Karlene’s positive training methods. She has a wonderful gift for teaching dogs AND their owners, which makes all the difference in ongoing training for years to come. I highly recommend Pawsitive Results Dog Training for your pups!

Anna Dennison

Ms. Karlene was amazing with our German Shepherd Faith! She had Faith listening and understanding in no time and she gave us the tools we needed to continue with the training! Amazing dog trainer and excellent person to work with.

Heather Miller

Karlene is the best, most knowledgeable trainer I have ever come across. In my 20+ years as a dog owner, I have been through many different obedience trainings, and my husband and I both agree that the experience and expertise she brings is unmatched for anything from basic obedience to specific behavior issues. Karlene, you are a gift!!

Bobbi Yeo

I’ve worked with a number of dog trainers over the years and Karlene is at the top of my list. Over the past 6 years she has not only helped me with my own dogs but also with a number of foster dogs who were able to go into loving forever homes after smoothing out the rough edges. Karlene understands both dogs and the people who love them. She is insightful and will clearly explain what is going on with your beloved pet and how to work positively with him or her.

Danny Hollandsworth

I live in Kansas City, but I’ve known Karlene since we were kids. She’s taken the time, many times with me on the phone or via email to answer questions I’ve had about my Shepherds. Her tips and advice over behavioral issues, food choices, medications and spay and neuter dilemmas I’ve had has helped very much. With all the information and differing opinions available on the internet, having a knowledgeable and trusted go-to source is very, very much appreciated! Myself and Malley, Lacey, Tessa and Kaiser thank her tons!

Andrea King

Karlene worked one on one with Samson in public and at my home. He was having aggression and dominance issues. She then took him out in public and taught him the correct way to interact with strangers.  He became a therapy dog.

Susan Scales

Twelve years ago I adopted my first pet dog from the humane shelter. Shortly after adopting my puppy I enrolled in a puppy class taught by Karlene. Karlene’s puppy class was extremely helpful. Izzy and I learned some basic commands and Izzy got some socialization time. I also got tips for successful crate training and house training and even how to teach Izzy tricks. Learning how to train my dog using positive reinforcement was an investment that is still paying off today.

Sid Cotney

I am 61 years old and Amos is my 10 year Maltipoo that my husband gave me for Christmas. He is the first and only animal I’ve ever owned. I never asked for a dog so I was overwhelmed when Amos became a part of our family. I had NO idea what to do with a puppy nor did I have a clue on how to train him. Amos was 8 weeks old when we got him. I decided to enroll in obedience school. That’s where I met Karlene! She was wonderful, so very knowledgeable and very patient with not only Amos but me as well. She taught us the basics of being a respectful and well trained inside dog. It was money WELL spent. In the past 10 years, I have sought advice on different issues from Karlene and have found her to be gracious with her time and her vast knowledge of animals. She is devoted to the care and well being of all animals and I have recommended her to friends and family in the years since Amos and I were her students. Amos is very well behaved and great dog thanks to Karlene!!

Sherry Kilgore

We got Prissy from a rescue 4 years ago. She was 7 months old and still very much an incorrigible puppy. The rescue found her roaming the streets with a chain collar so deeply embedded into her neck that she had to have surgery to remove it. Prissy showed behavioral problems from the beginning. She wasn’t house broken, and she literally ate whatever furniture, shoes or anything else she wanted. She kept slipping her collar and running off. She jumped on and frightened our grandchildren. We were desperate and truly on the verge of returning her to the rescue when we called Karlene Turkington. Karlene immediately began working with Prissy on simple commands. We saw improvement right away, but I was already so worn down that I told Karlene that I thought maybe Prissy was just too much for us. With tears in my eyes I told Karlene that I was ready to give up. But what is so wonderful about Karlene is that she didn’t see Prissy and our family as a project. With gentle encouragement that I doubt anyone else would have bothered with, Karlene told me to stick with it because she saw the bigger picture that I was unable to focus on. Karlene told me, “If you give Prissy the time, if YOU take the time to do the work with Prissy she will be a perfect fit for you.” And I can tell you that those gentle, encouraging words were TRUE! Prissy is a happy, well-behaved dog now that my grandchildren adore, and she adores them as well. She really is our perfect fit. I couldn’t live without her. Without Karlene’s help, patience and encouragement we might not have Prissy today, and that thought breaks my heart. Karlene worked WONDERS for both our Prissy and for US!

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